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The State of Manufacturing in USA

Manufacturing jobs in USA had its glory days during the 1970s when it peaked at 19.4 million (Figure 1).  At that time about one in five American workers had a job in manufacturing. For the next two decades, it was … Continue reading

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Evolution of Agile

Agile has been evolving as the most sought after methodology for Information Technology projects and software product development. With all buzz around agile, organizations that were reluctant earlier on its adoption are now seriously considering to try out some flavor … Continue reading

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‘Failing fast’ strategy

As per US Department of Labor statistics, about 30% of the start-up businesses fail within two years and 50% within five years. The longer it takes for failure, the higher will be the product development costs that get wasted. Instead of ‘doing everything … Continue reading

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Merci et Au Revoir (Thanks and Goodbye)

In this month (September, 2014) I have reached a major milestone in my professional life. After being with my current employer for 14 years I made the decision to accept a new job offer.  It is going to be a big transition from the … Continue reading

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Is Internet connectivity a human right?

In his article Is Connectivity a Human Right?, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, points out the significance of the global knowledge economy and how the access to the Internet can contribute and enhance the global collaboration and productivity. In order to … Continue reading

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Big Data effect in the Insurance Industry

Imagine yourself in the year 2020 shopping around to change the auto insurance provider. You will come across Usage Based Insurance (UBI) quotes where a basic premium need to be paid every month for the liability coverage. The additional premium amount will … Continue reading

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When does an idea become an opportunity?

The thought of a new idea can sometimes be so exciting that we tend to initiate the work on the prototype right away. It is very essential to understand that all ideas not necessarily lead into or turn out to be good … Continue reading

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What does MBA mean to me?

The Commencement ceremony at University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) on May 17th, 2014 marked the culmination of my pursuit towards an MBA degree. Last two years were extremely busy with a dedication of 40 hours per week for studies … Continue reading

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What do Banks look for in a Commercial Loan Application?

I had the opportunity to hear from Mark Vance, SVP of Carrollton Bank, on the review process for the commercial loan applications they receive. Here are the six key factors that Bankers review before approving a commercial loan. These factors … Continue reading

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Conviction-Connection Model of Power

Power by definition is the ability to recognize and realize the potential of whatever position you are in. The Conviction and Connection model of power shows the fine point where the self-oriented (conviction) and the other-oriented (connection) dimensions meet. Conviction … Continue reading

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